3 Offline Ways to Get More Construction Clients

shutterstock_239060812When it comes to getting new clients, the tested traditional methods are often best. Certainly it pays to use online marketing methods, but you can still attract plenty of clients with offline techniques. Here are three ways you can use offline marketing to get your company noticed and to get more clients during all seasons.

1. Advertise

Advertising remains an incredibly popular and effective way to attract clients to your business. Look into some traditional and non-traditional ways of getting the word out about your company.

  • Media: Advertising in newspapers and the Yellow Pages can still be useful. Talk to your advertising representative about the best ways to use these media.
  • Signage: Make sure your business location has attractive, easily readable signs. Put magnetic signs on your company vehicles, or painted signs and logos if you intend for them to be permanent.
  • Billboards: Purchase billboard space strategically. Look for billboards on well-traveled routes or in areas where commercial or residential expansion is expected or underway.
  • Non-traditional ads: Put your advertisement on the back of cash register receipts in supermarkets, diners, or other places where potential clients frequently go.

2. Network

  • Join local business groups: Find and join local business organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, or business networking clubs.
  • Offer to speak: Offer to make presentations or give lectures at local meetings, and be sure to make yourself available for questions and lead-building afterward.

3. Build Your Reputation

  • Sponsor programs: Sponsor local programs or groups, such as youth sports teams, or charitable causes, such as fund-raisers.
  • Make contributions: Contribute financially to charities, social organizations, aid organizations, and other groups. Your contribution will usually be acknowledged in some way and will increase exposure.
  • Get awards: Seek out awards and recognition in your field. These may seem trivial, but they can give your company a strong image of authority.

Construction Monitor provides construction companies, managers and planners with the data and tools they need to grow their businesses and attract customers. Contact us today for more information on offline ways to get and keep more clients for your construction business.

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