How a Proactive Marketing Plan Helps with Construction Lead Generation

shutterstock_289952918One of the strongest and most effective marketing concepts is proactive marketing. Here is a brief explanation of this strategy along with some tips on how you can use it for lead generation and to encourage more business from existing customers.

What Is Proactive Marketing?

Proactive marketing should be seen in contrast to reactive marketing. In reactive marketing, a company gathers data, results and other information from a marketing campaign and analyzes it, looking for areas that worked and those that didn’t. The company then reacts to this data, making changes to an existing marketing plan or launching an entirely new campaign.

In proactive marketing, a company uses existing knowledge and data to act before a formal campaign or the application of new techniques. Proactive marketing is predictive, anticipating the needs and wants of customers before they are expressed. Proactive marketing is also more active, compared to the more passive stance of reactive marketing.

Applying Proactive Techniques to Your Marketing Plan

  • Marketing in anticipation of need: Proactive marketing will present your message to existing customers and potential leads before they need what you are offering. For example, a photocopier company might market replacement toner cartridges to customers at about the time when a new cartridge might be needed. In a construction contest, you might target market your renovation services in a neighborhood of older homes, or window replacement services right before winter.
  • Marketing as a social interaction: Customers and leads who receive proactive marketing messages that address their real needs will have a more favorable attitude toward your company. This happens because you satisfy one of their social needs, that of being liked and noticed. By taking steps to fulfill their needs before they even have to come to you and ask, you will generate considerable interest and goodwill, and even a sense of obligation to respond.

With the data and industry insight offered by Construction Monitor, construction companies can effectively build their marketing and lead generation plans. Contact us today for more information on how to use proactive marketing techniques in your search for new leads and customers.

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