Customer Reviews: Your Gateway to More Construction Leads

shutterstock_306779165Choosing a construction firm to work with is a major decision, and good customer reviews give your prospective customers the confidence they need to choose your firm. Reviews do more than improve your image, though. They also provide insight into your clients’ needs and interests, and help more people find you online.

Greater Trust, More Sales

Reviews tell you (from your clients’ perspectives) what you’re doing right and wrong. They bring problems to your attention quickly so you can solve them before they cost you more customers.

The fact that you encourage reviews lets your customers know you genuinely care about what they think. They feel appreciated and understood, which wins you their respect and loyalty. Through reviews, your customers get involved with your firm and with each other. Customers who leave reviews or comments often come back to see what others have said, which keeps your firm in their mind and increases your chance of getting referrals.

Most importantly, reviews show your prospects that people just like them have had good experiences working with your firm. Social proof like this inspires trust more than any marketing campaign you could create.

Improved Visibility Online

In order to rank highly in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, your site should be frequently updated with content that contains keywords your clients might use when searching for a construction firm. Reviews give you valuable content like this with no extra effort from you. Reviewers will naturally use words related to their project, such as “green construction” or “commercial building,” which helps customers with similar needs find you online.

It’s not just reviews on your own website that help you. Your clients’ input on review sites such as Yelp and Houzz also boost your search engine rankings. Mentions of your company’s name tell the search engines you’re an authority and a relevant player in the construction community, causing them to rank you ahead of less talked-about firms.

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