The Basics Of Online Lead Generation For Your Construction Business

online lead generationIf you’ve been sticking with traditional methods of bringing in leads, you’re missing a lot of would-be clients who are looking online for construction services like yours. With just a little basic online lead generation, you can grab some of those clients before your competitors do.

In-Bound Marketing: Drawing Leads to You

Online in-bound marketing is an approach that focuses on attracting your target prospects to your website. One of the most common ways to do this is with a blog or library of articles full of information focused on helping your target clients solve their problems and achieve their goals. As they search online for the information they need, they’ll come across your site and begin to view you as a helpful expert worth contacting.

“Lead magnets” also play a role in online lead generation. A lead magnet is content your visitors receive only after providing their contact information. It might be a white paper, video course, email autoresponder series, time-saving checklist or even a fun yet informative quiz. It’s something that gives your visitor an incentive to hand over their email address so you can contact them later.

Social Media: Meeting Leads Where They Are

Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Houzz let you easily find people in the market for construction services and start building personal connections with them.

Focus on two or three platforms where you know your ideal clients spend time. Create a complete profile and make posts your target audience will find helpful or entertaining. Social media is a place to mingle, not hard sell, so take time to interact with your potential leads. “Like” and comment on their posts, reply to questions, and send private messages when appropriate.

Ultimately, your goal should be to attract them to your website or get them to contact you by another means.

To get the most out of your online lead generation efforts, go in with a plan. Know how you’re going to attract your target prospects’ attention, then educate them about your services, and finally convert them into clients.

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