3 Reasons an Online Presence is Crucial to Your Business

online presenceMore than just electronic business cards, your website and social media accounts are integral parts of your construction marketing arsenal. Managed correctly, they’ll help you gain new clients and profit more from existing ones.

Attract New Prospects

You have only so much time in the day to make calls and send letters, but your website and social media accounts are ready to do your construction marketing for you 24 hours a day. Take the time to develop your online presence with the kind of information your ideal prospects are searching for. The more you put out there, the better the chances your potential clients will find you via their online searches.

Include strong calls to action that encourage your visitors to contact you for more information or provide you with their email address. Offer incentives such as a free white paper or time-saving checklist.

Position Your Firm as an Authority

Your online presence provides a platform where you can share your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain your visitors’ trust and appreciation by using what you know to guide them in making informed decisions. Help them understand relevant laws and regulations, various construction techniques and building materials, and the influences behind today’s building trends. When your prospects see you as credible and generous with your help, they’ll be more likely to choose you as a business partner.

Build Stronger Relationships

The online content you provide gives your prospects and current clients a way to interact with your firm and get to know you even when they don’t have time to call or meet in person. They can read your blog posts, browse your portfolio and watch your videos, then leave comments or ask questions.

Offering multiple methods of contact assures your prospects and clients that you’re accessible and responsive. Your blog comment section and social media accounts also let your prospects connect with your existing satisfied clients who can put in a good word for you.

For more information on effective online construction marketing, contact us at Construction Monitor.

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