Why Blogging Works to Generate Leads

Blogging now rates as one of the most effective strategies for construction lead generation for different reasons. Take a look at how Construction Monitor, a company that delivers leads based on building permits gathered nationwide, plus other pertinent construction information and statistics, structures its blog.

Construction Blog Categories

Construction Monitor’s blog categories are varied and target anybody associated with the construction industry. They include:

  • Construction technology
  • Construction tips
  • Construction trends
  • Green building / housing
  • Housing / building permits
  • Landscaping architecture
  • New construction
  • News
  • Pool and spa
  • Remodeling projects

Increase Your Construction Leads

In the last two months of 2016, Construction Monitor published posts directly related to construction lead generation and marketing. One such post deals with the value of creating buyer personas. Buyer personas are a snapshot of the relevant traits of an ideal customer, including what that customer would want. What constitutes an ideal customer depends upon the type of construction a company provides. For example, a maker of pools and spas could target a relatively prosperous family with children in the suburbs. Buyer personas, therefore, have the positive effect of sharpening the focus of marketing.

Another informative post is entitled “Know Your Audience: Where and How You Interact with Potential Customers Matters.” This post describes dealing with customer questions and problems in both in-person and online interactions. A critical factor in interacting with the customer online is answering their questions quickly — otherwise they’ll seek out other sources. It goes further, though, and notes how even the design and text of marketing materials can be geared toward specific target audiences.

A potentially valuable post for a client deals with the increasingly used professional networking platform, and one that can also help with construction lead generation, LinkedIn. To generate these leads, the article recommends going beyond merely creating a LinkedIn profile by actively connecting with relevant persons, joining groups, sharing information, and providing recommendations.

These are just three examples of very beneficial information which can be found on a company’s blog for construction lead generation. For more information about blogging, marketing, and other construction topics, call Construction Monitor today!

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