5 Ways Social Media Can Bring You New Customers

social media marketingSpend some time browsing construction-related conversations on the major social media sites and you’ll quickly notice what a rich source of targeted leads these platforms can be. With a little nurturing, those warm social media leads can turn into some of your best customers.

Positioning — The text, images and videos you post to your social media accounts will attract attention from developers and other professionals planning a construction project. Regularly posting relevant, useful information demonstrates your knowledge and skills, positioning you as a helpful, reliable expert.

Listen to your target market — Social media gives you an unparalleled opportunity to listen in on what your target market is talking about so you can learn exactly what they need and want. By searching for those who are already talking about construction issues, you can zero in on potential clients and take the initiative in connecting with them.

Build relationships — Through social media, you can connect with prospects and business partners you might otherwise never know about. Because these platforms are built for conversation, they make it easy to form the kind of close relationships that translate into sales and referrals.

Create events — Live events give your potential clients a chance to get to know you as a person and develop the rapport that’s critical for winning clients in a high-stakes industry like construction. Events draw attention to your firm and help you demonstrate your expertise while discovering your prospects’ most pressing concerns. Facebook Live, Twitter chats, Google Hangouts, and Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) are all options for bringing in social media leads.

Advertise — Many social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, offer paid adverting options that let you send out your message to precisely targeted groups. This kind of focus can bring a better return on investment than more general advertising venues, such as magazines and websites. Each platform is unique, so before you jump in, research the approach that works best for the platform you’ve chosen.

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