Getting Repeat Business and Referrals: The Art of the Follow-up

lead follow upWhile making good first impressions is an important part of lead generation in the construction business, it’s only a small part. If you want those leads to turn into paying clients, you’ll need to follow up on them in a way that shows them your firm is the best fit for the job.

Provide Real Value

Frequently contacting a lead “just to check in” does nothing to demonstrate your value and, even worse, it can leave your prospect dreading your calls and emails. Instead, go in with the mindset of helping your prospect solve a problem they’ve already acknowledged. Contact them with information or opportunities that will get them closer to their goals.

  • Send articles, blog posts, case studies and other material that provides useful information.
  • Offer to connect them with an industry professional who could help them.
  • Let them know about a new product or service that could benefit them.
  • Invite them to a relevant conference, talk or networking event.
  • Invite them out for drinks or lunch to discuss any problems they’re facing.

This approach to lead generation in the construction business positions you as a helpful expert who can be trusted with complex, high-budget projects.

Be Consistent and Persistent

Some leads require more nurturing than others, so regularly follow up with anyone who’s expressed an interest in your services. By contacting a prospect frequently and consistently, you’ll be in front of them at the moment they’re ready to buy.

That said, if a promising lead has disappeared for weeks, it pays to send a polite message letting them know you assume they’re no longer interested. This is often enough to grab the attention of a busy professional, but it also keeps you from wasting time.

Develop a system to track your leads’ progress through your sales funnel. Having a plan to follow prevents valuable prospects from falling through the cracks and alleviates any concerns you might have about annoying prospects with too much contact.

For more tips on productive lead generation in the construction business, contact Construction Monitor today.


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