Going Viral – How to Get Social Media Humming About Your Construction Business

social media marketingBecoming a hit on social media can be a huge boon for your construction firm, but it takes some creativity to reach that level of popularity. Once you do, you’ll find social media even more valuable for pulling in leads, reputation management, and opening up new opportunities.

Make It Memorable

If you want your blog posts, photos and videos to spread, they have to be worth sharing. Dry, shallow content won’t cut it.

When planning what to post, consider the kind of material that would resonate with your target audience. One of the simplest ways to attract attention is by providing useful content, such as infographics, resource lists, templates, case studies, and whitepapers that will help your target clients reach their goals.

Don’t be afraid to engage real emotions. It’s emotion that gives your followers a sense of connection strong enough to make them want to pass your posts on to their colleagues and friends. Make your followers laugh, inspire them or remind them of the positive.

Describe how you solved a particularly sticky problem, show a time-lapse video of a complex project or tell the backstory of one of your employees. Most importantly, be human.

Engage with Your Followers

Too many firms set up a social media presence and passively wait for their follower count to rise instead of trying to build relationships. When you don’t interact with your fans, your social media presence turns into something like one-sided traditional advertising. It’s impersonal and easy to forget.

By making genuine personal connections, you become far more memorable, increasing the chance your followers will share your posts. Maintaining this kind of engagement also makes reputation management easier should anything ever go wrong.

At the very least, respond to comments and questions with thoughtful replies, then go out and “like,” share, and comment on your follower’s photos and blog posts. You can also hold live Q and A sessions, conduct polls or run contests, such as photo-sharing contests and voting contests.

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