Building an Effective Lead Generation Website

With the right design, your website can become a powerful tool for lead generation in the construction business. Your website can build interest and trust while leading visitors to contact you.

Guide Your Visitors

Know the path you want your visitors to take from the first page they land on to the point where they contact you or provide their contact information. Most of your visitors will arrive through an internet search or social media post that brings them to an informational article or blog post. Whatever you post should make a good first impression.

From there, interested visitors will seek out information on what you do and how you work. Your services page should give them a plain English description of your services along with proof of your success, such as testimonials and hard data. On your about page, include photos and, ideally, videos featuring key staff to build the kind of trust that’s a critical factor in lead generation in the construction business.

Make Contact Easy

At the end of your articles and blog posts, include a clear call to action inviting the reader to get in touch. Leave out distractions such as links to old posts or your social media accounts.

On every page, include your contact information and mailing list signup as well as a prominent link to your contact page. On your contact page, list your phone number and email address along with directions to your office.

Keep your contact form simple. A name and email address or phone number is all you need at this stage.

Offer a Little Motivation

Most of your visitors will be content to browse the free information you provide and move on. Offering an incentive can give them the extra nudge they need to hand over their contact information. That incentive could be a free consultation, a time-saving checklist, cheat sheet or template, or even a short email course to help your prospects develop their knowledge on an important topic.

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