Following Up On Social Media Leads

social media leadsBy regularly engaging with your target market on social media, you can have promising construction leads coming in regularly. To turn those social media leads into clients, however, you need a follow-up strategy that’s in tune with their unique needs.

Start with Soft Conversions

Social media leads come to you earlier in the buying cycle than referrals and those who found you through a web search. They’re often still unsure about what they need from a construction firm, so gunning for a sale with these prospects can drive them away.

Instead, start by assessing their needs based on which social media posts they came from. Using this information, bring them into your lead nurturing process through “soft” or “secondary” conversions. That might mean moving them into your email follow-up sequence or encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter or download a case study.

That said, don’t be afraid to connect on a personal level. If you have a phone number, give your prospect a call. Here again, steer clear of sales talk. It’s enough to mention you plan to email them some helpful information and ask if there’s anything else they might like information on.

Build Rapport Through Webinars

The friendly, relaxed atmosphere of a webinar provides an ideal bridge from the casual environment of social media. Done right, webinars familiarize your prospects with your firm and build a sense of rapport by giving them a chance to hear your voice and style of speaking. You’ll also have the opportunity to highlight your firm’s services and draw your prospects further into your marketing funnel.

To attract an audience, choose a topic that provides a clear, specific benefit to the people in your target market. That might be teaching them how to spot investment opportunities in the commercial building sector or how to improve their home’s energy efficiency with eco-friendly renovations. To keep your webinar social and interactive, engage with your audience by asking questions, inviting comments, and running polls.

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