Targeted Marketing In The Construction Industry

targeted marketingBefore they trust you with their construction projects, your would-be clients want to know you understand the unique demands of their segment of the market. Targeted marketing helps you communicate your valuable specialized expertise, while also making more efficient use of your time and resources to bring in more and better qualified leads.

Define Your Ideal Clients

To more effectively target your marketing, start by breaking the construction market down into the segments that are most profitable for you, given your skillset, and that offer a high potential for growth. First consider the larger segments, primarily:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Then focus in on smaller segments, such as private housing, public education facilities or commercial office buildings. This makes it easier to fine-tune your marketing message to address the concerns of your ideal clients within each of these verticals.

If you focus on commercial office building construction, you might adapt your marketing to emphasis your expertise in issues such energy-efficiency for reduced operating costs and features that win higher rents and occupancy.

To further define your target market, segment by geography. Targeting regions with higher population densities, strong economic growth, and an active construction scene can bring you more leads for less effort.

Reach Out the Right Way

Once you have a clear idea of who you’re trying to reach, you can more accurately determine which marketing channels will reach them effectively. This kind of targeted marketing gives you a better return on your investment than a generalist, scattershot approach.

Consider the kind of information and entertainment your ideal clients look for on a daily basis. What websites do they frequent? Which newspapers and magazines do they read? What TV and radio programs are they drawn to?

If you’re trying to connect with commercial real estate developers, business investment magazines and newspapers are a good bet. If residential construction is your specialty, real estate investment websites and magazines can help you get your firm’s name in front of your ideal clients.

To learn more about attracting leads through targeted marketing, contact Construction Monitor.


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