Navigating The Ins and Outs of Online Lead Generation

navigate pathIf you’re used to bringing in most of your construction leads through networking or conventional marketing, it can be hard to know where to start with online lead generation. With a guide to follow, though, you’ll see just how simple the process can be.

Plan Your Visitor’s Path

You’ll get the most out of your online lead generation efforts by planning the path you want your potential clients to take from the time they discover your business online to the time they contact you. Start by deciding how you’ll attract your target prospects to your website, such as through paid advertising, social media interaction or search engine marketing.

Based on this, consider which pages your visitors will land on first and aim to guide them from there to the information they want, then to contacting you. That means providing clear navigation, links to related content, and calls to action encouraging them to take the step you want them to, whether that’s signing up for your newsletter or filling in a contact form.

Optimize Each Step of the Path

An effective lead-generating website is made up of several critical components.

Offers – An offer or incentive is something of value you give your visitor in exchange for their contact information. It could be your newsletter, a free whitepaper or a problem-solving strategy session.

Landing pages – These are the pages where visitors first enter your site from off-site ads, social media posts and other links. Most landing pages focus on a single offer, which helps guide your visitor toward taking the action you want.

Calls to action – These statements give your visitors clear, specific directions on what to do next, such as “Sign up for your free strategy session now!”

Forms – Website forms make it easy for your visitors to give you exactly the information you need. Often space for a name and email or phone number is enough, but other times you might include questions to pre-qualify your leads.

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