3 Quick And Easy Lead Generation Tips

lead generation tipsAttracting new construction clients doesn’t have to be all hard work. By following some time-saving lead generation tips, you’ll be able to pick up qualified leads without adding much to your workload.

Provide Gated Content

One of the simplest yet often-overlook online lead generation tips is to make your most valuable content available only in exchange for an email address. This is a particularly smart strategy if you already have a few juicy articles or videos that see heavy traffic. Any content that solves a specific problem or provides information on a topic your prospects need to understand in order to reach their goals is fair game.

For longer articles, create a PDF version that’s downloadable in return for an email address. For videos, use a service that lets you embed a form requiring an email to view the video.

Reward Referrals

Your clients are busy people and no matter how much they love your services, they might not take the time to recommend you unless you give them a little extra nudge. Offering a hefty cash reward for every referral who turns into a client can be just the motivation they need. When you calculate the amount you can justify offering, keep the lifetime value of the client in mind.

Make it easy for your satisfied clients to send business your way by providing them with simple referral forms. Do all this and you can have warm, qualified leads coming in regularly with no extra effort on your part.

Run a Fishbowl Giveaway

If you’re looking for local leads, the restaurants favored by your target market can help. Ask management to let you place a bowl by the register with a sign inviting guests to enter to win a free meal for two at that restaurant. Instead of capturing business cards, ask entrants to fill out a questionnaire that allows you to pre-qualify them. Choose your winners and take those qualified leads out to dinner to get a conversation started.

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