3 Key Things Every Construction Website Should Have

construction websiteThere’s so much you could do with your construction firm’s website that it can be hard to determine which improvements are worth the effort. To get the most out of your site upgrade, start with a few proven website best practices.

Gallery-Style Portfolio

Nothing can convey the full effect of your work like good photography. To really show potential clients what you can do, you need not just a few photos on your project pages, but a complete online portfolio organized as an easy-to-browse gallery. Many online services are available that make setting up a gallery on your site easy.

Snapshots from your phone are fine for quick social media updates, but a portfolio demands quality. Invest in a professional architectural photographer who can capture the unique character of your work and highlight its most impressive features. Include not only finished buildings, but also stages of the building process.

In-Depth Services Pages

Crowding brief overviews of all your services onto a single page does a disservice to your skills and the value you offer your clients. Instead, create individual pages for each of your primary construction-related services. Detail exactly what the service is, how the process works, and what benefits it brings your client. The more your prospective clients know about what you can do for them, the more likely they’ll be to get in touch.

As a plus, focused service pages help improve your search engine ranking. A content-rich page focused on a specific topic is more likely to rank highly for related search terms.


A good word from a few satisfied clients boosts your website visitors’ confidence by acting as third-party proof that you can deliver. Praise from clients also humanizes your firm and can help showcase your more noteworthy services.

Written testimonials are fine, but for extra credibility, ask some of your best clients if they’d be willing to do video testimonials. Follow website best practices by strategically placing testimonials on your Home page, About page, and services pages.

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