3 Elements All Effective Case Studies Have

case studiesMarketing using case studies positions you as an expert in your field while also getting your name out there and attracting potential clients to you. Developing a case study takes time and effort, but it’s easier when you have a format to follow.

The Problem

Just like a good story, a case study follows a central character as they overcome a challenge to reach a goal. To grab your readers’ attention, clearly define the problem your client faced in the outset of your report. Focus on a single, specific problem. Trying to cover multiple subjects dilutes your message and confuses your reader.

To choose a problem on which to base your study, consider the biggest concerns your target clients face. It might be an issue such as waterproofing a deep basement or installing solar panels on a metal roof.

The Possible Solutions

Part of the goal of a case study is to help the reader decide which possible solution to their own problems will bring them the best results in the most time- and cost-effective way. To do that, you need to lay out the options you considered. Avoid focusing only on solutions your firm offers. You’ll gain more trust and respect by presenting an honest assessment of all possible solutions that were open to the client in your study.

Then explain why you choice the solution you did. Point out what the other options were missing and what made them unacceptable choices. This demonstrates to your readers why your firm’s solution was the best way to go.

The Results       

Marketing using case studies works in large part because your readers want to know what you can do for them. It’s not enough to state which solution worked. You’ll also need to detail the results it brought in concrete terms, using numbers and facts where appropriate. Some possible results to include are:

  • Savings of money or time
  • Increased return on investment
  • Improved compliance with regulations
  • Better real estate usage efficiency
  • Better management efficiency

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