Leveraging Your Social Media Profile To Generate Leads

social media networkingSocial media is good for a lot more than just building your brand. Approached correctly, it can also become a reliable source of warm construction leads. While social media lead generation takes focus and consistency, the basics are easy to master.

Build Your Network

To get the most out of your efforts, identify the two or three social media platforms where your prospects are most active and build attractive, fully fleshed out profiles there. Follow not only your potential clients, but also construction industry leaders and professionals in related fields, such as home financing experts, architects, and construction supply distributors.

You can find them by monitoring for key phrases your prospects use when looking for help and professionals use when they talk shop.

Actively share and comment on their posts. Whenever you can, refer business their way. The more you can help out your prospects and peers, the more likely they’ll be to return the favor.

Share Your Expertise

By helping your prospects solve their problems and find the information they need, you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge without directly advertising them. Stay alert for direct questions from your prospects and answer them with detailed, practical information while encouraging them to contact you.

One reason social media lead generation is so effective is that it can get your name in front of hundreds of prospects you might otherwise never have known about. To encourage word about your firm to spread, create content specifically designed to be sharable on social media.

Quick tips, intriguing data, short videos, infographics, and before-and-after or behind-the-scenes images of your projects can all work well. To spark interaction and learn more about your prospects, ask questions and run surveys and polls.

Talking with your prospects in real time lets you show off your expertise while also building rapport. Once you have a solid following, host a Twitter chat, Facebook Event or Google Hangout and give attendees a reason to contact you afterward.

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