Marketing Your Construction Business Online: Avoid These Mistakes!

online marketingOnline marketing is a complex subject, so it’s easy to make a misstep here and there. By getting familiar with online marketing best practices for construction firms, you can avoid major mistakes that waste your time and drive away business.

Confusing site design – No matter where your visitors enter your site, they should be able to find essential information within a click or two. Offer clear navigation that links to your About, Services, Portfolio, and Contact pages.

No lead-generating incentives – Many of your visitors will click away from your site and disappear forever unless you give them a reason to hand over their contact details. Offer case studies, an in-depth email course, helpful cheatsheets or other free, useful information in exchange for an email address. If you’re offering a free newsletter, give it a catchy title and dedicate a page to promoting it. This is one of the most essential online marketing best practices for generating leads from your website.

Weak social media presence – Neglected social media accounts look unprofessional. Spreading your efforts too thin only wastes your time. To gain leads from social media, you need a consistent, involved presence. It’s better to do one or two platforms well, than five badly. Get proficient with one platform before you expand to another.

Scattershot paid advertising – A banner ad here and a paid search ad there can end up being a waste of money if they’re not part of a well planned campaign based on market research. Know exactly what kind of client you’re targeting and what you want them to do when they reach your site. Stick with each campaign long enough to see results, which is usually 30 days at minimum.

No cohesive plan – Your online marketing should lead your potential clients through the buying process step by step. Plan out a sales funnel that generates leads, qualifies them, then helps you identify their needs and offer an appealing proposal. Develop marketing material for each step of the process.

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