How To Build An Effective Landing Page

landing page designWithout landing pages designed to pull in leads, much of the work you do driving traffic to your construction firm’s website is lost. Effective landing page design takes some planning, but it’s easier when you know what to include.

Choose the Right Elements

Before you plan your design, spend some time choosing what you want on the page. The goal is to create a page focused on a single objective, such as encouraging your visitors to contact you for a strategy session, download a report or just click through to another page. Some of the essentials are:

  • Headlines and subheadlines – These should break up your text into readable chunks and grab the attention of readers scanning the page. Keep them short, clear, and specific.
  • Hero image or video – This is a large, eye-catching image or video that represents what you’re offering and what your visitors have to gain by handing over their contact information. For example, it might be an image of a type of building you specialize in.
  • Trust signals – To convert visitors to leads on a short landing page, you need to establish trust quickly. Do this by including short testimonials, endorsements and awards, and logos of well-known organizations you or your firm belong to.
  • Information capture form – Usually, a form asking for a name and email address is all you need. If your goal is to get the visitor to click through to another page, a call to action is enough.

Create Your Design

Effective landing page design is minimalist and well organized with every element placed in a way that leads the visitor toward the action you want them to take. The visitor’s eye should move down the page from the main headline, to the hero image, though your content, and finally to your call to action.

Get to the point quickly. Organize your text in short paragraphs with subheadlines, bullet points, and other formatting as necessary. Stick with a simple color scheme and no more than two font styles.


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