3 Ways To Improve Local Search Results

local search marketingConsidering how many of your construction clients will come from your local area, ranking highly in local search results is a major advantage for your firm. Achieving those rankings is often just a matter of a little focused effort over time.

  1. Complete your business listing profiles – Fully fleshed-out, up-to-date profiles on business listing platform such as Google My Business, Angie’s List, and Foursquare help more clients find you while also boosting your search rankings. The details matter, so include your full contact information, hours of operation, and construction specialties. Check with your local chamber of commerce about having your information listed on their website, too. Encourage your clients and business partners to leave reviews, which lend more credibility to your profile.
  2. Publish locally optimized content – Website and blog content that’s specific to your location helps the search engines know where you focus your business operations. In your content, address concerns particular to your area, such as new local regulations, building trends, and currently on-going construction projects. Whenever you get involved in your community, such as by volunteering your services or by attending or even hosting a local event, show it off. Take pictures and post a write-up on your blog. In your content, include the name of your city and any related neighborhoods and well-known landmarks, but don’t overdo it to the point of making your writing sound unnatural.
  3. Network with local businesses – When local businesses link to your content, it tells the search engines you’re an active and valued part of your community. Once you have helpful, locally targeted content on your website, start interacting with complementary businesses online, such as building materials suppliers, real estate agents, and specialist trade contractors. Comment on their content and share it with your own audience. If you’ve published something you think their readers might benefit from, drop them a note to let them know. Creating resource lists and “best of” lists that include local businesses also helps attract links.

For more tips on improving your rankings in local search results, contact us at Construction Monitor.

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