How To Effectively Integrate Infographics Into Your Marketing Strategy

infographic strategyFew types of content are more sharable than infographics and in the data-reliant construction industry, you’ll never be short of topics to cover. Developing an infographic marketing strategy, however, takes a little planning.

Choose Attention-Grabbing Topics

To find compelling topics for your inforgraphics, consider which subjects are popular among your blog readers and the kinds of issues your existing clients often want to discuss. By addressing your ideal clients’ most pressing concerns, your infographic will not only get your current follower’s attention, but will be shared more often, too. Shares extend your audience reach, increase your brand awareness and authority, and help your website rank higher in the search engine results.

If you specialize in prefab houses, you might create an infographic called Tfends in Prefabricated Construction. If you’re targeting commercial real estate developers, an infographic with data on profitability in commercial real estate might work well. Creating an infographic to attract more attention to one of your best lead-generating blog posts is also an option.

Draw Your Readers in

Your blog is an integral part of your infographic marketing strategy. By itself, an infographic is unlikely to bring you any leads. What it can do, however, is draw your prospects to your blog to learn more about the topic covered. Along with your infographic, develop a related blog post that expands on the data and concepts covered in the infographic.

Work to Get the Word Out

While infographics are highly shareable, getting the initial word out takes some effort. Start by sharing your infographic on your social media accounts and asking your friends to share it from there.

Don’t be shy about contacting bloggers in complementary fields, such as architecture or real estate development, to let them know you have content their audience might benefit from. On your own blog, include an embed code with your infographic to make it easy for other bloggers to publish your infographic with a link back.


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