3 Effective SEO Strategies Using Social Media

seo strategySocial media is a valuable tool for getting your construction firm found in online searches, but the way it helps isn’t necessarily obvious. To make the most of social media in your effective SEO strategies, you’ll need to use a little creativity.

Improve Your Name Recognition

If you search Google for “commercial real estate market trends,” chances are you’ll be more inclined to click on a link from Forbes than one from some site you’ve never heard of. You’re naturally drawn to sources that seem relevant and reliable. Search engines algorithms account for this and boost the ranking of links that see high click-through rates.

Staying active on social media can help improve your firm’s name recognition to get you those rank-boosting click-throughs. Posting your own content isn’t enough, though. Get out and interact with your target audience by liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts. Interacting with large, influential accounts also helps get your name in front of a wider audience.

Optimize for Shares

While search engine algorithms might not count social shares directly, evidence suggests they do consider overall engagement, which shares are part of. That’s why effective SEO strategies involve encouraging shares by adding social sharing buttons to the end of blog posts, using apps that turn blocks of text in a post into instantly sharable links, and inviting readers to comment and share. Including images optimized for your preferred social platforms helps, too.

Get More Backlinks

Getting backlinks from authority sites is one of the most powerful ways to boost your search engine ranking. Used strategically, social media helps get your content in front of industry leaders and experts who will, if all goes well, link back to your site. Attracting attention from influencers is often as simple as mentioning them in your own posts. You can do this by sharing their content with thoughtful commentary, sharing quotes from their blogs or just by thanking them for a blog post you enjoyed.


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