3 Ways Construction Companies Can Attract More Leads Through Video Content

video marketingVideo content holds attention, conveys information quickly, and is highly sharable, but it’s often overlooked as a tool for bringing in construction leads. Used skillfully, though, your videos can attract leads in several ways.

  1. Gate your videos – Value-packed videos can give your website visitors an incentive to hand over their contact information. Choose one of your target prospects’ most pressing problems and produce a series of videos that help them avoid or solve that problem. If you offer remodeling services, you might create videos with practical tips on avoiding cost overruns and missed deadlines during a home remodeling project. Then make the series accessible in exchange for an email address.
  2. Include videos in your emailsEmail newsletters that include videos have been shown to get higher clickthrough rate. That means more readers coming back to your website where you can lead them towards contacting you. A 60- to 90-second video is enough to do the job. If you’re telling your readers about a service, create a short video showing the real-life results of that services or interview a satisfied client. If you’re announcing the completion of a new office building project, take your readers on a quick video tour. Make sure the thumbnail you embed in your email displays a play button and runtime so your readers realize you’re offering a video and that it’s quick to watch. Use the word “video” in your email title to grab your readers’ attention.
  3. Invite your viewers to connect – Posting your video content on Youtube, Vimeo, and other sharing sites puts you in contact with a wider audience. Unless you motivate your viewers to get in touch with you, though, chances are they’ll just move on to the next video. To turn your viewers into leads, include a call to action in every video and give people an easy way to find your website. Consider using an app that lets you embed a Facebook “share” icon and an email opt-in form right into your video.


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