How Blogging Can Build Visitor Trust

building trustPublishing a blog is a good way to help people find your construction firm online, but that’s not where the benefits end. Your posts also build visitor trust by showcasing your expertise and helping you build influential connections.

Establish Your Credibility

Before your visitors give you their trust, they need to see some proof that you have the skills to turn their construction plans into a reality and the personal integrity to deal honestly with financial and scheduling matters. By filling your blog with valuable tips, advice, and insight that will help your target audience solve their problems and reach their goals, you show them you know what you’re talking about. Your blog also gives you a way to draw more attention to your portfolio images, client testimonials, and success stories that further prove your expertise.

Your hard skills aren’t the only thing your blog shows off, though. Freely sharing your knowledge positions you as a helpful, generous expert who’s willing to take the time to guide others in the right direction.

Team Up with Influencers

Your blog opens an abundance of opportunities to work with construction industry influencers and build visitor trust by leveraging their good reputations. Find out who the influential personalities are in your segment of the construction industry and start building a relationship by interacting with their blog and social media posts. Mention them in your blog posts or ask to interview them for a post. Send a short question to several influencers and, with their permission, create a blog post from their answers. Ask to guest post on their blog or invite them to guest post on yours.

When you publish an especially high-value post, let relevant influencers know you have something their audience might find helpful. If you’ve built a connection, chances are they’ll be happy to share your post, which gets your name in front of more potential clients along with a recommendation from someone they already trust.


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