How Does Geo-Targeted Marketing Work?

geo targetingBy its very nature, a construction project’s development is deeply intertwined with the needs of the geographic area where it takes place. Geo-targeted marketing lets you address your ideal prospect’s location-specific interests to show them you understand their needs.

What Geo-targeted Marketing Does

Simply put, geo-targeted marketing, or location targeting, means directing your online marketing at specific geographic areas. Offline, you can easily target residents of a particular area just by placing ads in local newspapers and radio programs. Online, unless your ads are geo-targeted, anyone can see them. That makes it hard to speak to the differing needs of people in diverse locations.

When you geo-target your marketing, you can customize your ads to let your would-be clients know you understand the challenges they face, such as working within strict building energy codes or building in heavily forested, high-elevation areas. By focusing on relevant specifics, you’ll attract attention and build trust.

The Technology Behind Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeted marketing typically works by using a visitor’s IP address to determine their location. To do this, ad servers and platforms use information from geolocation services. This method isn’t flawless, but it can usually narrow down a user’s location to their postal code. When you advertise on a platform such as Facebook Ads or Video Ads for YouTube, you can choose to show your ads to a specific city, neighborhood or postal code, depending on the platform.

This lets you offer location-specific ads that lead to landing pages designed especially for that area’s audience. It also helps you target by demographic group by focusing your marketing on areas that are favored by a certain age- or income-range. If you want to attract people to an event at your office, you can send SMS ads or place online ads that will reach those within a small radius of where you are. For behavior-based geo-targeting, you can target the area around places your potential clients might visit, such as home improvement stores.


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  1. Geographic targeting is essential for most businesses that has any given service area. This is a great recap! Marketing your business to the right areas is critical.

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