3 Tips For Finding Leads Online In Unusual Places

online leadsEven if your favorite sources of construction leads are keeping you busy for now, it never hurts to have more tricks up your sleeve for finding leads online. Look in the less obvious places and you might find they give you some of your best clients yet.

  1. Work with strategic partners – Cross-marketing with non-competing businesses and organizations that work with the same market as you puts you in touch with new leads while also strengthening your network. Potential partners include materials suppliers, architects, and tradespeople such as roofers and carpenters. Even non-profits can help bring you leads. If you specialize in eco-friendly home remodeling, you might partner with a non-profit that focuses on health or environmental issues. Cooperating can be as simple as exchanging ads in each other’s email newsletters or social media posts or guest blogging for each other’s blogs.
  2. Offer your guidance – Forums, blogs, and social media accounts where your target market spends their time are all opportunities for finding leads online. People come to these sites for guidance when they’re planning a new project or have a problem with an on-going project. By browsing for questions related to your services and taking a moment to reply, you’ll get your firm’s name on the radar not just of that poster but also of anyone else who happens by looking for answers.
  3. Put it on video – Youtube remains one of the largest search engines in the world, yet it’s easy to overlook as a source of leads. Posting videos of your completed projects might help turn interested prospects into clients, but it won’t necessarily bring in new leads. To reach people who haven’t heard of you yet, focus on providing information that will help your ideal clients get their projects started. For example, if you offer remodeling services, create videos on simple DIY remodeling projects. A DIY-enthusiast homeowner might put in new kitchen cabinets themselves, but hire you to remodel their bathroom.


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