Craft the Perfect Email Pitch Using Construction Data

construction data

The success of your email pitches depends heavily on how well you understand your potential customers. By filling in the background information on your prospects, construction data helps you create highly targeted pitches that appeal directly to your prospects’ strongest interests.

Choose the Right Subject

Above all, your prospects are interested in offers that directly relate to their needs. By telling you about what’s happening in the current construction market, construction data helps you choose a subject that’s relevant to your prospects’ needs.

A review of local building permit data might show you multi-family housing projects are booming right now. If you’re a general contractor pitching to a property developer, an email describing how your skills can benefit their next apartment building project will have a good shot at grabbing their attention. If you want to sell windows and doors to large construction firms, you might create a pitch detailing how your modern designs add curb appeal that draws renters. Choose a defined topic for your email pitch and finish up with a subject line that clearly states the email’s purpose.

Target Your Pitch

An email that makes a personal connection with your prospect stands out from your competitors’ cookie-cutter pitches. No matter how well you research your prospect, though, you won’t learn everything about them. When you can’t track down all the details, construction data helps you make educated guesses.

The data can tell you which construction firms in your area are most successful. By researching these firms, you’ll learn more about common concerns you can address in your email pitch. You might find commercial construction firms are doing well with retail building projects, and that several of these companies pride themselves on using custom-made, precision-built structural components.

As a truss manufacturer pitching to commercial developers, you might decide to talk about customization options in your email pitch to make a deeper connection with your prospect than your competitors who only offer a list of generic benefits.

To learn more about using construction data to create attention-grabbing email pitches, contact us at Construction Monitor.

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