Construction Marketing: Getting Local

local construction marketing

As a local construction company, you already have a major advantage in understanding the needs of your area’s market. By using construction data to refine your knowledge, you can create marketing material that better reflects your local expertise.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

When you’re targeting the local market, it doesn’t matter that your favorite national construction magazine says basement renovations are hot around the country. What’s going on in your area might differ dramatically. Construction market data can tell you what projects homeowners and property developers near you are investing in, right down to the neighborhood.

You might discover a lot of new garages are going up on the east side of your city while high-value commercial remodels dominate the west side. Knowing that tells you what to focus on when you write your local SEO website content and other marketing. If you learn your biggest competitor has several projects going on in one part of the city and none in another, that can tell you something about where to look for new clients.

Focus on Local Challenges

Once you know which projects are popular, focus your marketing around how you can help your clients meet the challenges that come with carrying out those projects in your area. This is where your in-depth local knowledge and experience help you outshine your out-of-state competitors. Are local residents concerned about flood or earthquake safety? Do they need a construction company skilled at building on the area’s temperamental clay soil? Are they highly eco-conscious and willing to pay top dollar for sustainable building material?

If you’re an insulation contractor and know your neighbors demand sustainability, you might build a whole campaign around the cellulose, sheep’s wool, and other less common green insulation you offer. Even if that material isn’t the most popular nationwide, it could be a major hit with your local market.

For more ideas on using construction data to connect with local clients, contact us at Construction Monitor.

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