5 Reasons to Use Commercial Building Statistics

commercial building statistics

Commercial buildings include warehouses and retail properties, museums and restaurants, and more. Commercial building statistics are important because the design and construction of commercial buildings impact cities and communities as well as environmental quality and jobs.

How to Find Commercial Building Statistics

If you have a subscription to Construction Monitor for building permit data, you can access older, archived commercial building statistics. For example, when you click on “Weekly Editions,” and then “View Archive,” your building permit choices are:

  • All
  • Commercial
  • Solar
  • Swimming pool

You can then download commercial building statistics in a printable format. Commercial property building permit data is available in all our data sorts (Powersearch, Weekly Editions, New Company Reports, and Real-Time Leads).

Refine Commercial Building Statistics

Within Construction Types are subcategories. Many think the most valuable subcategory is the “Contact Information” tab. Click on the construction company’s name. The contact information is from previous jobs, so you’ll not only have contact information, but you’ll see this company’s usual type of jobs.

Construction Monitor commercial building statistics subcategories include:

  • Alternative energy
  • Auto/truck sales/service
  • Banks/offices/R&D/professional
  • Churches
  • Demolition
  • Footing/foundation
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial/manufacturing/wholesale/transportation
  • Motels/hotels/RV parks
  • Other non-residential
  • Parking
  • Parks/recreation/entertainment/arts
  • Private schools/daycare
  • Public buildings/projects
  • Public transportation
  • Remodeling/additions
  • Reroof
  • Structures other than buildings
  • Utilities

5 Business-Building Reasons to Use Building Permit Information

Your goal – every year – is to remain or become more competitive in the construction industry. Some compare 2020 to a goat-roping; they say it’s out of control. When you subscribe to Construction Monitor, you’re taking control of your business marketing and putting timely, local information to work.

Building permit information is valuable only if you use it. What you’ll learn from our database is:

  1. Who – Key players’ contact information
  2. What – Project specifics
  3. When – Project date
  4. Where – Your community/city/state area
  5. How much – Value

Contactemail, or call Construction Monitor today at 800-925-6085 (international callers: 435-586-1205).

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