Construction Industry Facing National Skills Gap

Construction Industry

Do you know what “Hit them where they live” means? The definition is something that affects someone on a personal or intimate level. Many people – most people – only care about a problem if it hits them where they live. The construction industry is facing a serious labor shortage. And it’s hitting us where we live.

America’s Backbone Needs Bracing

It was once said manufacturing is the backbone of America. Considering some of the outsourcing issues we now face, that may no longer be true. We think construction is the backbone of America.

Construction personnel working here live, eat, sleep, and shop here. The problem is we don’t have enough qualified people in shipping and receiving. Or surveying, digging, operating forklifts, on the scaffolds, in the trenches, programming the software…

What You Can Do: Advocate

It’s time for construction industry business owners, managers, and anyone that wants a future in shaping America’s future to become a construction industry advocate. The most important qualification you need is a passion for what we do. “The first step to becoming an effective advocate is preparation. Know who to contact, when to act, and how to craft your message,” says the American Psychological Association.

Contact schools, colleges, and universities. Ask to join career fair days. Prepare a compelling presentation on the benefits of a career in the construction industry.

If you are able to communicate with state and national political representatives, do so. The development and future growth of your state can be driven by construction industry growth, and your state’s politicians are receptive.

Flagship Initiative for Construction Industry, Technical Careers

An example of how advocacy can become reality: In November 2021, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster announced a $17 million investment in Workforce Scholarships for the Future. This program will provide scholarships to cover tuition and fees at South Carolina technical colleges. He also requested the general assembly to approve $124 million to extend the program through 2024.

In addition to maintaining a 2.0 grade point average, students must:

  • Be employed
  • Complete a financial literacy course
  • Dedicate 100 hours volunteer time at nonprofit/public-service organization

Sharing information is one way to recruit potential personnel and grow your business. Using the information we share is another way to grow your business. Ask our marketing pros how it works. Contact Construction Monitor.

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