What to Know About Adopting Construction Technology

Construction Technology

Some construction employees seem to be all about technology. And sometimes it feels as if they want you to adopt technology for technology’s sake.

Granted, there are a lot of options available and many of them have lots of bling. You can really get caught up in a confusing maze of possibilities, so it’s important to refine your search for construction technology that’s right for you and your business. Here are some tips:

5 Construction Technology Questions

Don’t feel you’re alone when weighing the merits of several construction technology programs. Even seasoned technology veterans tend to get distracted by whistles and bells. Your software should have answers and solutions for these questions:

  1. What are my bottlenecks and pain points? Can this technology make a difference?
  2. Who will manage the strategic vision behind adopting the new technology?
  3. Who at the project site level will manage the data and how it is used/shared?
  4. How will I know whether our investment in technology has achieved the desired results?
  5. How can we plan for future construction technology expansion?

Probably the most important consideration is how your technology implementation will better-manage current processes. One proponent of onsite camera technology says identifying the issues first is the way to go. Then find the technology capabilities that address every problem plus has the capacity for additional services.

Some project site issues camera technology resolves:

  • Creating time and attendance reports
  • Developing emergency evacuation routes
  • Ensuring heavy-equipment workers have credentials to operate
  • Facilitating a contact tracing record
  • Identifying site safety risks
  • Knowing who is onsite, in the appropriate place, and if there are enough workers to keep the job on-schedule
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Managing project site access

Look Before You Leap

Create technology goals. You can’t hope to hit the ground running, but a reasonable expectation of implementation timeframes is necessary. Where should you be in 6 weeks? Six months?

Don’t toss your new technology investment into the wrong rollout. Make sure your project leads and the team is onboard and eager to be the flagship operators of this technology adventure. There’s a learning curve, and with the wrong project and the wrong people, your software possibilities won’t get the opportunity to solve onsite problems.

Speaking of Possibilities…

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