Construction Industry Transformation with Offsite Manufacturing

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At this point in time, offsite manufacturing makes only a small contribution to most construction projects. Usually, less than 30% of a construction project utilizes prefabricated component construction because it’s a “new” process. The concept itself has been around a long time in North America. (Sears’ prefab homes were around $700 in 1895.)

Offsite manufacturing is called:

  • Construction-integrated manufacturing
  • Designed-for-manufacturing
  • Modular construction
  • Offsite construction
  • Panelization
  • Prefabrication
  • Volumetric modular construction

By any name, offsite manufacturing of construction components is transforming the construction industry. A survey among construction professionals revealed some of the views of and motivations for offsite manufacturing that included:

  • 57% less wasted materials
  • 54% improvement in scheduling
  • 50% faster field construction

Companies DIYing Modular Construction

Challenges facing electrical contractors today include low labor productivity
levels, low and fluctuating profit margins and frequent schedule
The State of Practice of Prefabrication

Weather delays, tight deadlines, and the need for more flexible work hours have motivated some companies to create their own prefabrication sites. In fact, JM Electrical decided to grow its prefabrication and warehousing operations. This has led to plans to hire more workers and expand its apprenticeship program.

Inventory Management Necessary To Reap the Benefits of Modular Construction

An investment in technology to improve construction processes can pay off in better control of inventory management, one of the main challenges facing construction companies. Survey respondents said enhanced inventory visibility could drive prefabrication manufacturing decisions, leading to increased profitability.

Software solutions are separating the wannabes from the winners in the construction industry. Offsite prefabrication offers so many money- and time-saving incentives. All you need to do is make the leap toward better business using technology.

Construction Monitor took that leap more than 33 years ago when we created software that takes basic building permit information and customizes it. The “big data” is filtered for specific construction-industry companies and their regions, field of interest, desired level of growth, and more. The parameters (data sorts) you use are uniquely yours. What you need and want can change every week, monthly, quarterly, or annually because how you use our software analyses is up to you.

Questions? Call 800.925.6085 (International/435.586.1205) or contact Construction Monitor.

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