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construction technology

What’s included in construction technology? It’s drones, real-time cameras, and safety wearables. It’s also business management: accounting, contracts, payroll, taxes, permit documentation, etc. The technology your business needs is available when you need it.

This is a compilation of pain points that can be addressed with construction technology. Contributors include Autodesk, Procore, and Trimble.


Our reputation for being slow to embrace construction technology precedes us. And hackers have taken advantage of it.

What’s most vulnerable:

  • Company financials
  • Confidential contract information
  • Designs or blueprints
  • Employee data; social security numbers/bank information
  • Material pricing
  • Trade secrets

Robotics Alleviate Labor Shortage

With millennials hitting the acquisition stage of life, demand for new housing is high amid an unprecedented labor shortage. Part of the labor shortage problem is repetitive, mindless jobs are considered worse than unemployment.

One solution is to offer advancement and incentives to high-performance workers. Another solution is to use bots when possible to free workers for more critical tasks. It’s unlikely you’ll fire a bricklayer and replace her/him with a robot. It’s far more likely you’ll implement a hybrid solution: a bricklayer programming and monitoring the robot.

Robotics deliver high efficiency and speed as well as increase safety. And implementing this technology will be a magnet for a younger workforce.

Smart Construction Includes Smart Technology

You may say you can’t afford to implement the technology solutions you need just yet. But if you don’t know how to build smart, you’re in big trouble. DIRTT Environmental Solutions says connected infrastructure is one way you can build smart.

It’s no longer enough to install base-service technology (cabling, low-voltage networking, etc.); you need adaptable technology installations. Smart buildings adapt to technology upgrades without the need for ripping out walls and remodeling floors/ceilings.

  • Cabling services – manufactured to pre-defined lengths
  • Modular walls/access floors – Adaptable to accommodate modular cabling with simple plug-in connection points
  • Removable panels – Allow easy access to components that would typically be buried behind drywall
  • When change is required, power/network extension cabling can be disconnected/reconfigured

Smart construction technology also includes our marketing information. To find out how, when, and why, call 800.925.6085 (international/435.586.1205) or contact Construction Monitor.

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