Solving Construction Challenges

Construction Challenges

What’s in a word? A lot. You once had construction problems. Very real construction problems. But now you have challenges.

A construction problem is an ordeal; a challenge is a call to arms. Grab your sword and begin problem-solving! Or challenge-managing.

Identifying & Solving Construction Problems

One of your problems is not enough time. T­­aking the time to implement automation software to better-manage time seems a bit redundant. But it will save time. And money. It will empower you to solve construction problems and even prevent them.

Construction project problems can include:

  • Connecting office (in-house) and project site teams – There are a lot of important communications that many people need. How many times each day do you repeat the same information to 3 or more different people? Software real-time updates flag all key project personnel with changes and updates.
  • Contract/document management – Your paper trail includes:
    • Agreements
    • Bids
    • Bills
    • Design/architecture
    • Permits
    • Safety reports
    • Timesheets
    • Work orders
    • …and hundreds more documents and contracts. Software standardizes everything from estimating to project management. It categorizes and stores much more you’re your paper-filled in-basket or cardboard boxes on your floor.
  • Keeping on-schedule – Our minds go from Point A’s completion to Point B’s initiation. That’s basic project management. But if you wait for one phase to be completed before you begin the next, you’ll slow the entire project. And if there’s a holdup in one phase, does that mean every phase is now operating on delay?
    Project management software provides visibility to project management so yes; you can walk and chew gum at the same time.
  • Risk/safety management – Software stores everything in one place. Policies and procedures, incident reporting, and safety training/implementations are easily accessible, shareable, and audit-ready. You can also identify safety risks: If it’s reported workers are doing something that could lead to injury, you can eliminate the risk and provide education quickly.
  • Staying within-budget – Software manages money. But it also provides shareable, visible information. A phase delay can lead to additional warehousing costs. Material shortages can trigger delays.
    Your software alerts you and you can communicate with clients to engage them in solutions: finding a different supplier, altering contracts. Fewer budget surprises make everyone happier.

We have software solutions that manage opportunities. To learn more, contact Construction Monitor.

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