The Best Construction Business Investment: You

Construction Business Investment

Starting a business isn’t easy for most of us. And to maintain a thriving construction business, financially and culturally, takes a bigger investment than money. If you want the right people working for you, start with becoming the right leader. They’re worth the investment and so are you.

4 Construction Business Leadership Tips

“You have to be the kind of person that people want to build with,” says author and business owner Kathryn Finney. She’s not exactly talking about “building” in the construction business sense. She’s talking about strategies for building any business.

Some leaders are born to lead, but it takes work and an investment in personal growth to be a great leader:

1. ABL

“Always be learning.” If you must schedule a time to research information, read or study, do it. Turn off the phone. Lock the door. Take the time. You’ll find yourself better equipped to be receptive to others’ ideas and your problem-solving skills will remain grounded.

2. Find Your Joy

You got into the construction business…why? You enjoy the work or the feel of creating something useful. You enjoy being outdoors. Don’t lose that joy. When your workers see your on-the-job excitement and visible happiness, it’s contagious. They begin to feel the joy too.

3. Reduce Stress With Body, Mind Health

When stress is greatest, we tend to neglect ourselves. We figure it’s a sacrifice, sure, but it’s for the greater good. Wrong. Do you really believe you make the best decisions when you’ve gone all day without eating?

Give yourself alone time to swim, read, exercise, or simply relax. Healthful solutions will allow you to better manage stress. Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

4. Walk Away

Being a great leader also means knowing when things just aren’t working. It may not be your fault. Maybe it is your fault. Whatever the reasons, stop sweeping the dirt floor and cut your losses. Walk away today and start over tomorrow.

Business-Building Tools

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