Reducing Construction Equipment Downtime

Construction Equipment Downtime

Construction equipment maintenance is something for which we plan. Unfortunately, we must also plan for unexpected equipment maintenance and repairs. We pad our bids in the hopes we can cover project surprises and slowdowns because – no surprise here – there are always unexpected construction equipment challenges.

Proactive Construction Equipment Management

If you’re looking for ways to avoid downtime, make the most of your uptime, according to Bobcat manager Justin Fisk. “Understanding … equipment protection and warranty options” can keep you on top of your game, says Fisk.

It helps if you were a Boy or Girl Scout back in the day.

Be Prepared

Take the time to examine all construction equipment warranty options. Extended warranties you thought were unnecessary can same more time and money than you realize:

  • Less downtime
  • Reduced repair/replacement costs
  • Repair/replacement parts/service better
  • Resale value higher with well-maintained equipment
  • Under-warranty equipment increases company assets value

Another way to proactively manage construction equipment is to stock up on parts and pieces frequently needed for good maintenance and faster repairs.

  • Fluids/filters 
  • Misc. parts 
  • Tires/tracks 

Construction Monitor Software Solutions for Business Development

We believe software solutions for asset tracking as well as construction equipment maintenance and repair schedules are important. But our marketing professionals can’t recommend types of software for your business except ours. (And the software isn’t for sale.)

We have software solutions that can be customized to provide construction information for any area of the U.S., including:

And more. Our data analytics are presorted for you from free building permit information.

If it’s free, why do you need our services?

Most construction business owners are too busy to spend the hours required sorting that free information, but it’s what we do. And even if you have employees sorting and organizing marketing information, wouldn’t it be more effective – more profitable – for those employees to use their creativity to develop dynamic campaigns?

Ask us how our information can be used by your business for business development. Contact Construction Monitor.

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