Low-Income Workers Targeted for Construction Careers

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Nationally, construction employment was up (commercial construction) and down (residential) in 2Q2022. New York is one of the states with the most construction opportunities but last year it saw more construction job losses in over 25 years.

Big-city development planners often have big ideas. New York City has revealed a program that will encourage low-income workers to learn about and seek employment in construction careers.

It’s a win-win opportunity: Low earners can make living wages by learning skills that are not only rewarding but also ongoing and transferrable. New York City will reduce the disparity between the need for and lack of construction workers.

Programs Encouraging Construction Careers Can Begin With You

NYC’s Pathways to Industrial and Construction Careers (PINCC) will mentor job seekers from recruitment and training to job placement/retention and advancement. Their Good Jobs Challenge proposal submission led to an $18.6 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

 “…Research has consistently shown that industry-focused workforce initiatives can produce the best results for job seekers and, coupled with funding for needed supports and bridge programming…can help families achieve self-sufficiency,” said Carson Hicks, acting executive director of the NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity. 

Some of the worker development and placement will focus on:

  • Diesel mechanic training
  • Project management
  • Trades/skilled employment
  • Union jobs
  • Utility worker/general knowledge

The same opportunity to encourage construction careers is available in your state, city, and company. It just takes one person. You can be the founder and the foundation upon which low-income jobseekers develop sustainable careers.

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We believe smaller construction companies are often better organized and more efficient. Sometimes, each employee has more than one role. We’ve helped admins with mass mailings and fence painters with marketing development for their small to mid-size firms.

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  1. This is so important and needed in my opinion. Throughout my career, I have seen skilled labor switch careers completely due to the lack of training or growth in their construction career. Educating employees and bringing skills back to the workforce will not only provide a better career path for employees, but also increase the overall level of skill on the construction sites.

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