How Construction Companies Maximize Tech

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The mega-corporation companies know how to maximize construction technology and acquire the tech talent to do it. They can afford it. But small to midsize construction companies can make the most of digital development, too.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is a $550 billion “historic investment” that was much needed to update:

  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Broadband
  • Communities facing growth barriers/legacy infrastructures
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Ports/waterways
  • Public transit/school buses/ferries
  • Rail lines
  • Roads
  • Water for drinking and wastewater

Construction companies using paper-based, analog processes will have the opportunity to invest in technology for answers to critical questions like, “Is this project making money?”

ERP Solutions for Construction Companies

Construction Dive and Digital Fractal Technologies Inc.* say enterprise resource planning is the unified data approach any-size construction company can use. Benefits include:

  • Accurate/real-time dashboard information that drives knowledge-based business decisions
  • Best practices built-in
  • Enhanced project deliverables to improve:
    • Company scalability
    • Delivery predictability
    • Material ordering/inventory management
    • Off-site manufacturing visibility
    • On-time/on-budget results
    • Risk mitigation
    • Seamless accommodation/incorporation of changing technology
  • Elimination/reduction of outdated systems/spreadsheets

IMAPS-ERP Serves Smaller Construction Companies

IMAPS (integrated management and progressing systems) in tandem with ERP solutions can maximize smaller companies’ growth and profit potential. Digital Fractal’s managing director Marwan Saab said IMAPS-ERP serves small to midsize construction companies using customized solutions. “It’s all about infusing the special DNA of that company into the structure of their IMAPS-ERP solution,” he concluded.

Data Analytics Tailored to Fit Your Company

Construction Monitor customizes its information for every size of business too. And our clients aren’t “just” construction companies looking for leads. Other industries use our presorted data to determine if their supplies or services can be used by builders and property owners in their local communities.

Find out how you can use our information. Contact Construction Monitor.

*For information purposes only, Construction Monitor does not endorse any technology brand (except our own).

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