Personal Personnel Data: Construction Business Liability?

Construction Business Liability

Collecting personal information from employees can improve safety. But does it also increase construction company liability? Even if carefully managed, vulnerabilities are inevitable, says Construction Dive.

European Union companies comply with the General Data Protection Regulation to safeguard personnel information gathered by companies. “There is no single principal data protection legislation in the United States,” says International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG). “Rather, a jumble of hundreds of laws enacted on both the federal and state levels serve to protect the personal data… .”

Construction Business Employee Information: You’re Responsible for Data Security

We guard administrative and human resource personal data for employees as well as from possible hackers and cybercriminals. We understand those vulnerabilities. 

However, if you’ve been ignoring the personal data collected by digital tools (CCTV monitors, GPS trackers, and weight sensors, for example) stored employee private information may be more vulnerable than you know. Workers’ personal data on wearables and other jobsite technology-driven tools can be hacked and misused or sold. And you’re responsible.

Contractors must be diligent about researching vendors claiming to offer jobsite software as a service to protect personal data. If it’s free, the company may be collecting and selling the information.

We often emphasize how technology can increase worker safety. Construction workers expect wearables to be used for improving jobsite and personal safety only and they are concerned about personal data vulnerabilities. They also are less willing to share personal data for administrative or workflow purposes. The International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Safety found workers are more likely to share personal information on jobsites if supervisors cite ways it can promote occupational safety.

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