Construction Industry Technology & Supply Chain Challenges

Construction Industry Technology

How we mitigate construction industry challenges, including ever-changing materials and equipment delivery is key to business management. Some of us are limping into 4Q22 and thrilled to have survived this year. Others are tap dancing and singing in the rain. Supply chain predictions for next year indicate at some point we can become more proactive and less reactive.


4 Solutions To Manage Supply Chain Disruptions

The difference between survival and success often comes down to planning for the worst and hoping for the best. When it comes to construction industry supply chain challenges, this was another year to plan for the worst.

Here are logistics pro Garland Smith’s 4 suggestions for managing construction project supply chain snags:

  1. Determine the scope of work as soon as possible – Strategic planning is a must. “The faster the scope of work and designs can be defined and approved, the better it will be for the project’s lifecycle,” says Smith. Delays during a time when prices fluctuate rapidly can put you over-budget fast.
  2. Pre-order – You can gain a competitive edge when you secure materials and equipment in advance. If you can get supplies and materials sooner rather than later, at lower prices (and you have storage), do it. If not, strive to get suppliers to lock in materials prices asap.
  3. Evaluate every option – There is a greater need for value management when materials’ prices are high and supply is low. Research materials that can be substituted if there’s an acquisition crunch. Encourage owners to be open to alternative designs and materials by showing them how the schedule can be improved with prefabricated materials, for example. Smith says finding an “equal alternate” to the client’s design guidelines without compromising quality or owner expectations involves education and collaboration.
  4. Be flexible with sequencing – Projects follow a task sequencing that’s based on proven efficiency. Workers idling on jobsites while they wait for completion of a phase or task should be minimized if not eliminated. This can mean completing some things offsite to keep the workflow flowing. Time and value are always priorities.

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