How To Develop a Construction Business Mentoring Program

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We need a construction talent pool, but we can’t find enough swimmers. Maybe what we need are more lifeguards. You can change a life — maybe even save a life — when you offer construction business mentoring.

Small companies find implementing in-house mentorship can accelerate hiring and retain talent. And mentorship doesn’t always involve an older teacher/trainer and a younger student. There are many middle-aged workers that would like to be considered for career upgrades.

When employees of any age are excited about what they do, that attitude can energize others.

Construction Business Mentoring: 4 Tips

Mentoring programs require time and effort, but they’re an investment that can pay big dividends. You can enhance employees’ core competencies as well as bolster morale.

To build an effective mentorship program for your construction business:

  1. Identify your mentors. This is the most important step, so “take your time,” identifying which of your employees have potential, says CEO Patrick Hogan.
    “They need to have…the right set of skills and abilities but also the attitude and disposition to be able to impart what they know.” They also need to have enough time. Small companies can’t compromise productivity, so choose wisely.
  2. Match mentors/mentees. Teaching styles, learning abilities, and personalities vary. You can start by creating profiles for both mentors and mentees. Include career goals and experience, and then encourage students to participate in choosing a mentor.
  3. Evaluate. To ensure the program is on track, regularly review mentorships and request feedback. Is the program meeting their goals? Ask them what areas need improvement. Is the program meeting your goals? Are productivity and employee retention increasing?
  4. Support. Support should be readily available to mentees and their mentors. You can implement a software management program, but also make sure each participant has an onsite go-to for assistance.

Marketing is another area in which you can incentivize worker participation. If you’d like to develop a construction business marketing program, your employees may have ideas. We do.

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