Sewer Software for Construction Business Development

Sewer Software

Maintaining sewer systems will always be critical for cities and homeowners. Today’s professionals use drones for large-scale surface inspections and cameras for below-ground diagnoses. And almost every tool they use is powered by software.

CCTVs, Cameras Used for Construction Business Sewer Inspections

Municipalities and cities schedule sewer inspections as part of their infrastructure maintenance. Because sewer problems can impact thousands of homes and businesses, governments logically want to avoid sewer emergencies.

Sewer inspections are also scheduled to remedy a problem. Because sewer line issues can be health hazards, an emergency sewer repair calls for speed and accuracy.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recommends sewer maintenance inspections for homeowners, too. Today, camera and closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspections are used for municipal and private properties; the advantages are numerous. They usually have directional lighting and superior zoom and focusing abilities.

7 Ways Software Can Increase Speed, Accuracy

In September 2022, the digital platform PipeInsights was launched by a Dallas-based company. AECOM began in the early 1900s as an oil refining company. It launched its construction division in the 1970s. PipeInsights is the latest offering from the company’s digital consulting services team.

CCTV speed and accuracy can be enhanced because PipeInsights:

  1. Allows users to participate from the office, in the field, or onsite
  2. Augments CCTV inspections with machine-learning algorithms
  3. Automatically detects defects/recommends best-practices maintenance procedures
  4. Enables secure access to inspections from any mobile device
  5. Enables users to manage multiple sewer programs simultaneously while understanding overall sewer system health
  6. Intuitively predicts future needs
  7. Seamlessly integrates footage and information into a geographic information system (GIS) interface

In real-world inspections, PipeInsights captured images of hundreds of thousands of defects.

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