Construction Industry Sustainability: Brick by Brick

Construction Industry Sustainability

If you’re one of those people that breathlessly await the Pantone Color of the Year, this may be for you: Fast Company recently released its reviews of five 2022 Best Bricks:

818 Bricks

You can learn a lot from tequila. Rather than waste the agave used in fermenting top-shelf 818 tequila, it was used to build bricks. And the bricks were used to build a school library in Jalisco, Mexico.

Bee Brick

“If bees disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” That’s not a truism, but we would certainly suffer. The Bee Brick serves as a habitat for non-swarming pollinators. Its creators encourage incorporating brick nests into construction industry projects.


The ByFusion company has turned 100 tons of plastic into large amalgamated bricks by combining compression and steam. It’s now marketing the brick-building machines to recyclers and cities.

Gent Waste Brick

These bricks are made from construction/demolition sites’ waste materials; not a new idea. But the production is innovative. “A shipping container-sized mobile processor turns ground-up dust into bricks that gradually cure in the open air,” says the reviewer, “with just a third of the embodied carbon of a typical kiln-fired brick.” Gent Waste Bricks also will absorb CO2 from the air.


At a glance, one NYC condo looks like a brick building. It is, but the bricks are 60%-80% made of recycled materials that include roof tiles, steel debris, and ceramic toilet bowl bits.

The Brick Industry Association says the sustainability of clay bricks is unbeatable when compared to other construction industry materials. Its natural strength and fire protection properties make building with bricks a solid choice in 2023.

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