Construction Accounting Software Rankings

Construction Accounting Software
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Software platforms are numerous and because so many of them are solid choices, it’s difficult to determine what’s best for your construction-industry company. Construction accounting software is no different.

Construction Business Owner recently shared rankings for several construction accounting software products. These were questions posed to more than 525 construction companies, and most respondent businesses were small- to mid-size with 11-49 employees:

Q: How well does it integrate with other construction software tools we use?

Q: How easy is it to add information?

Q: Is it equally easy to extract data?

Q: Is it customizable?

Q: Is it intuitive and user-friendly?

Q: Can it handle the complexities of multiple entities’ costs and billing within one job?

Q: Is it reliable and stable?

Q: Can it handle multiple users and various levels of permissions?

Q: Is it able to meet industry standards and regulatory compliance?

Q: Is support easily and quickly obtainable?

Q: Is it accessible by mobile, field personnel?

Q: Does it provide inventory management?

Q: What type of analytics are offered?

Q: How does it provide data analysis reporting?

Q: Can it provide forecasting and budgeting?

Q: How well can it handle project management?

Q: Does it offer payroll?

Q: Does it offer employee management?

Q: How does it manage accounts payable/receivable?

Q: Are document management and collaboration easy?

Q: How well does it handle change order management?

The leaders were rated between one and five. If you’re shopping for new or planning to upgrade your construction accounting software, each of these can offer standout services for your organization.

Based on average ratings, the top construction accounting software companies were:

  1. Foundation
  2. Sage 300
  3. ComputerEase
  4. Dynamics 365
  5. A-Systems
  6. Vista
  7. Explorer
  8. ProContractor
  9. Spectrum
  10. Sage 100
  11. Sage 50
  12. QuickBooks Enterprise
  13. QuickBooks Desktop
  14. QuickBooks Online

We don’t endorse nor recommend any software except our own, and it’s not for sale. What we sell is the data we retrieve from building permit basics. We presort thousands of pieces of information, every week, for each customer.

Our marketing and support team can explain why and how you can use our software: Contact Construction Monitor today.

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