Incentives for Construction Workforce Diversification

Constructions worker diversity

Federally funded infrastructure projects are becoming an opportunity for many construction companies. Smaller companies have subcontracted themselves to larger organizations to assist in the fulfillment of some of these ventures because they are indeed megaprojects. In March 2023, the Biden-Harris administration introduced the Mega Construction Project Program to bolster construction workforce diversity and fund jobs for underrepresented communities and minorities.

Megaprojects’ Construction Workforce Incentives Can Benefit Small Business

If you’re thinking this new program has nothing to do with your business today, you might be right. But its long-term advantages can include increasing the talent pool from which you seek workers.

Via the Mega Construction Project Program, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs will offer “free, continuous, on-the-ground assistance” to project owners to staff jobsites with local workers. OFCCP said it will engage with worker advocates and local recruiters to remove barriers while conducting compliance reviews to evaluate contractors’ anti-discrimination and equal opportunity practices.
Construction Dive

Federal “megaprojects” are those valued at $35 million including federal funding lasting more than 1 year. Construction workforce incentives that are likely to have the biggest impact on smaller communities can receive valuable assistance.

Some of the elements of the program include:

  • Engaging with contractors through Equal Employment Opportunity committees which may include stakeholders representing:
    • Apprenticeship programs
    • Community colleges
    • Government agencies
    • Prime contractors
    • Project funding agencies
    • Subcontractors
    • Unions
  • Expanding opportunities for women by increasing childcare options
  • Promoting local recruiting

The EEO committee will provide compliance assistance at the pre- and post-bidding stages as well as assist contractors in their efforts to recruit talent from underrepresented backgrounds.

“Right now, America is taking on some of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in living memory, and we cannot succeed if we leave any talent on the table,” said Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. “The infrastructure we’re building today will strengthen our economy, keep our citizens safe, and create a generation of good jobs that can lift millions to new levels of prosperity and financial security.”

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