Construction CIOs

Construction CIOs are notoriously goals-oriented.

construction CIOs

Someone once said, “Being a CIO in construction is akin to plate-spinning.” If you’ve never seen the act, plate spinners balance breakable plates on poles and set them spinning with the goal of balancing 10 or more whirling plates at the same time. Occasionally a plate topples. The on-stage crash adds to the drama. What’s noteworthy is that plate-spinners usually don’t stop until they’ve accomplished their goals.

Construction CIOs Understand Enterprise

Chief information officers are responsible for the overall technological direction of their organizations…. To perform effectively, they also need knowledge of administrative procedures, such as budgeting, hiring, and supervision.

Construction CIOs oversee information technology. They offer construction companies ways to use technology to be more competitive and profitable. CIO Dive says construction CIOs with sales experience are MVPs (most valuable players).

In order to be successful in sales, you must have a clear understanding of your company’s mission. But there is sometimes a “misalignment” between business and technology, says Manish Jain of Info-Tech Research.

When you have technology expertise and a sales background, you know what drives customer choices. Technology executives with sales experience can connect the dots between tech and revenue. Gartner’s VP analyst Janelle Hill said, “CIOs with sales chops…know what growth means in the enterprise.”

The Future of Technology & Construction

The tenuous balance between cost and revenue, quality of workmanship and time, plus supply and demand makes managing a construction company also like spinning plates. It’s harder than ever to predict what may cause a crash. And that’s where technology is giving competitive construction companies an edge.

We’re still printing and toting a lot of paper, but that will decrease. How you choose to define your digital strategy is ultimately going to make – or break – your construction business.

Construction Monitor is among the first technology companies to understand what construction businesses need. We claim to be the leading provider of business leads – and it’s true – but our technology can also give you valuable, location-specific business insights.

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