Why Some Roofers Are Making Attic Inspections a Standard Part of a House Call

attic inspectionsTo get the best results from a residential roof replacement, the process should include a careful inspection of the attic. With roofers making attic inspections an integral part of the roof replacement process, homeowners are spared unpleasant surprises and additional expenses after the project has begun.

  • Attic inspections reveal otherwise-hidden problems: Inspecting only the surface of the roof before preparing cost estimates and replacement plans is useful, but it ignores potential problems beneath the roof surface. Conducting an attic inspection allows you to make a careful assessment of the condition of the roof decking and framing to see if additional repairs must be done to ensure a successful roof replacement. Attic inspections allow roofing professionals to gauge characteristics such as spacing between framing components. They also help with plans for enhancements such as the installation of solar panels.
  • Attic inspections help improve home comfort and energy efficiency: Ventilation and insulation are critical to maintaining conditions in the attic. For example, attics can get extremely hot in the summer, and this heat will radiate downward and increase temperatures throughout the house. The cooling system will work harder to compensate for the extra heat. Without proper ventilation, moisture can build up in the attic and damage the roof, the framing, or items stored in the attic. By conducting an attic inspection, you’ll be able to tell the homeowner if there’s enough ventilation and insulation to prevent these problems.
  • Attic inspections help prevent additional damage: Conditions in the attic can also cause additional damage from ice dams, which trap melting snow and ice or rainwater on the roof and give it nowhere else to go but inside the home. With proper insulation and ventilation, the possibility of ice dams is reduced.

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