San Diego’s Marriott Hall Aims for LEED Silver Certification and 2016 Completion

San Diego’s Marriott Hall Aims for LEED Silver CertificationA new LEED-certified hotel in San Diego is expected to be finished and ready for occupancy by the summer of 2016. The New Marriott Hall will replace the existing Marriott Hall near the north tower of the San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina. The new facility will provide 171,000 square feet of expanded and modernized space for conferences and other events.

The new hall has been designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, a higher level of certification for energy efficiency, monetary savings on energy costs, and overall environmentally sound green construction. LEED certifications are awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Clark Construction has been awarded the $70 million contract for the project. Clark has already performed substantial amounts of pre-construction work on the project since 2010. Host Hotel & Resorts awarded the contract. Design work was performed by tvsdesign.

The project will include demolition of structures near the north tower of the San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina. Once these buildings are removed and the north tower is made secure, the existing Marriott Hall will be demolished to grade. Renovations are then planned for the base of the north tower.

When those renovations are completed, Clark Construction will build the New Marriott Hall, a two-story structure framed with steel. The new hall will be connected to the existing tower.

Upgrades and improvements to the tower’s HVAC and mechanical systems are also part of the contract. Installation of cooling towers, chillers and hydronic lines are expected parts of the work.

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