Why Is Modular Construction Gaining in Popularity?

modular construction Traditional construction methods using frameworks built from a foundation will probably never go out of style, but recent industry trends suggest that modular construction and prefabrication approaches are gaining in popularity.

Once considered an inferior construction method that produced flimsy, unappealing buildings and homes, modular construction has recently experienced an improved reputation driven by better building materials and techniques, as well as convenience, ease and cost effectiveness. Here are several reasons why modular construction is surging in use and gaining increased acceptance.

  • Faster and more efficient projects: Modular construction increases the speed and efficiency of construction projects, allowing companies to finish more buildings in a shorter amount of time. Prefabrication can often reduce the amount of time it takes to finish a project by up to 30 percent by combining on-site work with factory-prepared modules and components.
  • Speedier profits and returns on investment: When construction companies save substantial amounts of time on a project, that leaves them more time to work on other jobs and increase profitability. Businesses who have structures built using modular techniques can have the structures finished, in use and generating income in a much shorter span of time.
  • Improved cost savings: Modular construction can reduce the overall cost of a building project by 20 to 30 percent. There’s less time spent on site, meaning that labor costs are decreased. Prefabrication means less waste of material and resources during the actual construction process. Weather-related delays are eliminated because most of the work on a modular project is done inside the pre-made modules.
  • Less disruption of ongoing business: Modular construction makes it easier for companies to continue conducting daily business during a substantial building project. Building sites are disrupted only minimally using modular construction methods, allowing business to proceed even while construction is ongoing.

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2 thoughts on “Why Is Modular Construction Gaining in Popularity?”

  1. Terrific job summing up the benefits of modular construction, especially for the commercial benefits. The other benefit for larger companies, especially those with a franchise model, is the ability to “scale” quicker and gain market share in regions where a physical presence is required.

    Quite often the “first to market” approach will work in these untapped regions, assuming that the business model is sound as has respectable odds of succeeding in the new geographic areas.

    Again, terrific job to sum up quickly the benefits of using modular construction as an alternative to traditional construction.

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