Multifamily Construction Halted in South Carolina’s Rock Hill Due to Strained City Resources

A recent boom in multifamily construction in the South Carolina city of Rock Hill has had the unexpected result of straining the city’s resources beyond their limit. In response, the city has ceased most multifamily construction projects until late 2015.

construction safetyThe moratorium on South Carolina construction is expected to last until September 2015. It applies to new construction starts on apartments, condominiums and townhomes.

Some exclusions apply to the moratorium. For example, the halt does not affect projects designated as senior housing. Buildings in the Rock Hill downtown area and projects that already have approved plants will also not be affected.

Douglas reported that 624 residential units are currently under construction in Rock Hill. Another 608 units are projected based on recent city approvals.

A year-long period of increased apartment construction has made it more difficult for the city’s public services to cope with the large number of new multifamily dwellings, according to Construction Dive. Rock Hill city infrastructure is also being strained by the influx of new residents in these apartments and condominiums.

The Rock Hill City Council imposed the construction slowdown so construction rules and standards could be reviewed and revised as necessary. The moratorium also gives developers, citizens and other concerned individuals the chance to comment on the city’s multifamily housing boom and on any proposed changes to multifamily construction regulations.

Some developers have expressed concern that the construction slowdown will put Rock Hill in the position of not being able to meet near-future housing demand.

The moratorium will expire automatically at the end of a 270-day period unless the City Council acts to extend it by three months.

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